Academic Assessments and Tutoring

Our Process

  • Discuss child's strengths and needs with parents and/or school support team

  • Review documentation regarding student's academic achievements

  • Administer academic assessments to identify a student's strengths, needs, and learning style

  • Create an individualized learning plan

  • Match the student with a highly effective educator to best support his or her goals

  • Communicate with family, teacher, and/or specialists, as needed

  • Provide monthly updates

  • Assess student's progress and modify goals

Academic Assessments: A battery of assessments will help to develop an instructional plan, identify strengths and weaknesses, and assist in understanding the educational needs of the child. An independent evaluation can assist parents and a school's multidisciplinary team in making the best educational decisions for a child. Academic Directors will administer a variety of assessments that are selected after parent/child interviews and documentation review. A thorough educational report is developed upon completion of assessments. 

Academic Tutoring - Partners in Learning offers Academic Tutoring for elementary and middle school students in the areas of reading, writing, spelling, and mathematics. Students benefit from a customized learning plan based on results from assessments administered.  In order to develop an understanding of concepts, students work with an educator through modeling and guided practice, and then work independently to ensure mastery of content. Research based programs designed for maximum academic growth will be utilized.  

Literacy Programs Available: Orton-Gillingham, Wilson Reading System, Fundations and Just Words, Fountas and Pinnell Leveled Literacy, Read Naturally, Lindamood-Bell: Visualizing and Verbalizing, The Hochman Method

Math Programs Available: Engage NY / Eureka, Math in Focus, TERC, Everyday Math, Math 2.0

Orton-Gillingham/Wilson Reading - The Orton-Gillingham approach is multi-sensory, structured, phonics-based instruction designed for reading intervention. This method of instruction provides intensive support in reading, writing, and spelling. Students learn letter names/sounds, decoding skills, and spelling strategies through kinesthetic, auditory, and visual techniques. This program follows a lesson plan that addresses decoding, encoding, oral reading fluency, and comprehension to support struggling readers and writers.

Kindergarten Readiness - Partners in Learning offers a series of informal assessments for younger children in order to determine kindergarten readiness. Following the assessment, an Academic Director will write a report analyzing the child's strengths and needs in order to customize a program which addresses the academic skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten. Subsequent tutoring sessions focus on pre-literacy skills, language proficiency, handwriting, and pre-mathematics skills.

Executive Function Coaching - Educators will teach students executive functioning skills through academic concepts and subject area assignments. These skills will support students with self -monitoring, time management, organization, note-taking, and will in turn develop the independence necessary for academic success and foster life long study habits.

Test Prep - Partners in Learning offers test preparation support for independent school entrance exams, including the SSAT and ISEE. We believe the best approach is to provide a strong foundation in math and literacy content while teaching general test taking skills that can be applied across any assessment. Students take a practice test during their first session and then scores are analyzed in order to create a learning plan for improvement. Test taking skills include, time management, problem analysis and attack, writing organizational skills, active reading strategies, and note-taking.